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Study Italian in Italy - Authentic Italian experience

In our Study Abroad Program students are encouraged to fully take advantage of their stay in Italy. Learn Italian not only in the classroom but through your everyday life in Siena. Our on-site lectures, academic excursions, visits to museums, field trips, hands-on cooking classes and internships will surely broaden your learning experience. Culture courses and seminars are taught in English so you can fully understand subjects we cover such as: Art history and Architecture, Italian History, Performing Arts, Literature, Anthropology, Economy, Health and Nutrition amongst others.


The University of Utah is very proud of its partnership with DA Siena. We have continuously sent students every summer for over 25 years, and would, without reservation, recommend this program to our international colleagues around the globe. Recognized as one of the leading Italian language institutes in the world, Dante Alighieri - Siena is our standard of excellence when selecting intensive language programs.
Bill Barnhart, Director of International Center, University of Utah

As a representative of a U.S. institution of higher education, I have worked with Dante Alighieri in Siena for several years. My expectations have been surpassed in the quality of academic program and logistical support they offer my students.
Aaron Rose, BYU Program Coordinator.

Having organized several summer study abroad programs across Europe with Embry-Riddle over the past 12 years, it was a real pleasure to bring my students to Dante Alighieri in beautiful Siena this year. Their friendly and helpful staff and faculty, top-notch academic programs, and comprehensive logistical support made our program the very best I have experienced, and a truly life-changing experience for my students. The very highest recommendation.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

"I have been taking students, from the University of Illinois, to study abroad for the past ten years. This upcoming year 2011, will be our fourth year working with Dante Alighieri in Siena. We have (and I speak on behalf of my students and other faculty members that help me organize this program each year), the most magical and wonderful time for our five week program. We are there in the heart of the summer during the Palio. The Dante teachers are fantastic, the administration is awesome, the director Mr. Luca Bonomi is out of this world and the Principal Mrs. Sonia Di Centa is so very gracious, witty, and makes everyone feel at home. The welcome lunch and farewell dinners, the out of school excursions, the daily encounters, the availability of everyone is what makes Dante Numero 1. Come to Siena for the culture, art, food, gelato, people, vino, the history, the Palio. Come visit the Real World Siena!" Maria Iusco, Teacher of University of Illinois.

Siena... A Place where all Your Senses are Satisfied
As any other individual, the minute you step into a place all the human senses start operating; smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch, all these experience many unexpected situations. Siena, a new place where all these senses are vulnerable and await new experiences...
Siena aside from being a wonderful place to visit, it has grown in me; it's a place where I can really call home. After experiencing three and a half weeks it has also impacted me with its wonderful culture and many beautiful details it hides only for those who seek to see the true beauty it holds. Siena has a distinct smell, its neither salty like Daytona due to the ocean, nor humid, it's more of a fresh smell brought by the smooth breeze that caresses your face each time you step outside. This smell makes me feel rejuvenated, as if each time the breeze reaches my face I become much closer with Siena's culture, I feel as if "I am" Siena. Sight, so much more that I feel there is to see. Siena aside from its buildings and its historic locations it provides you with a wonderful sight. People laughing, helping each other, talking and hugging; this is what I have observed in Siena. Siena is filled with wonderful people, people that care about each other which is something that you not see very often. Compared to the United States where everyone is in a rush, trying to get somewhere every time; instead, in Siena, each person seems so relaxed just enjoying each day as it comes with its good and its bad it doesn't matter Sienese always have a great smile ready to have a good chat. Now onto the hearing part of my senses, although it's hard to understand at times hearing tights in with sight; When I walk to school or around Siena, I hear people chatting, having good conversations, laughing and from their face expressions its seems to have a good time. Taste has been really an enjoyment for me during this trip to Italy. It is quite different I should add, but never a bad experience has gone by. The food here is definitely a lot better that the United States, although I still do not understand how much a person eats here, with the "aperitivo, primi pliatti, secondo piatti" it has been wonderful. The pasta is really different from what I've been used to, it is cooked a lot quicker therefore the pasta is not as soggy as it is in the USA. Also I noticed that a lot of the food is cooked with olive oil. The food in Italy is very fresh, which is something that will be truly missed, since in the USA pretty much everything is canned or frozen. Touch. It's fairly difficult to explain how this has impacted me these past weeks in Siena. I can definitely tell that it's a rough feeling every time I touch a rock, stone or building. It shows me that Siena is a strong place, full of strong people that are willing to fight no matter the circumstances. I absolutely love when I sit at Piazza del Campo and I feel the roughness of each stone, but then the softness experience at the fountain. As everything was set with a specific meaning, love and dedication; something I will never forget.
Siena, you have my heart, soul and mind. With each sense in my human body I have experienced I cherish every moment you have given me. From smell, sight to hearing your wonderful language, tasting your food and touching your story you have inevitably embedded yourself in me.
Angela M. Garcia, Aerospace EngineerEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University

"Hello! My name is Jenna Bowen, and I wanted to write and thank you for all you did for me during my time in Siena. I was a part of BYU's semester abroad program, and the entire experience exceeded all my expectations. I had been to Siena once before with my family, but being able to live in the city and stay there for ten weeks in such an amazing environment was better than I ever imagined.

Thank you for all the time and work you out in to getting us into the right host families and classes. we could not have asked for a better host mother during our stay. She was so kind, generous, funny, and gave us the complete Italian experience.

The classes were all so well directed and organized. (my professor) was patient and made the classroom such a fun, interactive, and very educational experience. It was challenging but he made learning the beautiful Italian language meaningful and memorable. Thank you for hiring such outstanding faculty! I will never forget these teachers, and I will never forget you!

We could not have been happier with where we lived and who we lived with, and all of the amazing teachers and classes at the Dante Alighieri. I will always remember my time in Siena! We all will. Thank you! Thank you so much!"
Jenna Bowen - BYU student

When we decided to move to Siena, we began researching the language schools in the area and speaking with locals. It didn't take long to determine that Dante Alighieri was the best choice for us. First of all, the school was very prompt in responding to my inquiries and provided all the necessary information needed in a very friendly and helpful way. Because our situation was more long term, we chose the year long program, but they also have many different program types and schedules to accommodate a diverse student population. For example, before the school year began, they worked with us to customize an intensive 2 week program with our middle school aged children to help prepare them to start Italian school. We are 1/2 way through our program at this point and are very satisfied overall with the program. We have met many interesting people from all over the world and have enjoyed the diversity of the classes. The information is presented by professional, experienced instructors in a clear, easy to comprehend, fun way. Also, when needed, the instructors are able to explain a complex or difficult concept in English, which is extremely helpful to the overall learning process. I have seen the school work with many students with a wide variety of needs, and they always seem to go out of their way to assist them with class schedules, placement, housing, or any other needs they may have while here. Learning a language is a serious investment and DA definitely understands that. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about learning Italian.
Kathleen Smiley

I came to Italy to work at the University of Siena while on sabbatical, living here as a visiting professor, and working in the area of computer design. At the university, both research and classes in computer design are conducted in English, as that is the de facto language of computers world-wide. I went to Dante Alighieri to learn to speak the language so that I could interact with the wonderful people of Siena and the rest of Italy, better appreciate the culture, and, in general, more fully participate in daily life here. I am beginning my second semester of classes and am still learning important material every single day ... the more Dante Alighieri teaches us, the more we are introduced to topics that go far beyond textbooks and get to the heart of the way the language is actually used. This made me better realize just how idiomatic American English is, and modern Italian is certainly no less idiomatic than that. Dante Alighieri provides students with both the solid grammatical foundation and the ability to recognize, understand, and use Italian as it is really spoken. I highly recommend the school.

Bruce Jacob


The city of Siena

The city of Siena

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Dante Alighieri, Siena
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