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In our Study Abroad Program students are encouraged to fully take advantage of their stay in Italy. Learn Italian not only in the classroom but through your everyday life in Siena. Our on-site lectures, academic excursions, visits to museums, field trips, hands-on cooking classes and internships will surely broaden your learning experience. Culture courses and seminars are taught in English so you can fully understand subjects we cover such as: Art history and Architecture, Italian History, Performing Arts, Literature, Anthropology, Economy, Health and Nutrition amongst others.

Residence permit

Entry VISAS and Residence Permit - (Permesso di Soggiorno)
Citizens of the European Union and EEA states do not require a permit to stay in Italy.
If you are coming to Italy to study for 90 days or less, and you come from one of the following countries you do not need to obtain a Italian student visa: Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ex Republic Yugoslavia of Macedonia, Japan, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Montenegro, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Singapore, United Stated, Uruguay, Venezuela. The residence permit has now been substituted with a declaration of presence "dichiarazione di presenza" which will be submitted to the Police Station directly by your landlord. If you are a Foreign student intending to come to Italy to study for MORE THAN 90 DAYS you must obtain a Italian student visa before entering into the Italy.

HELPFUL INFORMATION FOR THOSE STAYING MORE THAN 90 DAYS (if your stay is less than 90 days you do NOT need to obtain a Italian student visa or residence permit. In that case please disregard the following information.)
Procedure for VISAS (only for those staying more than 90 days):
Here is some useful information on our School Policy and Procedure and an easy Step-by Step Guide when applying for a VISA:
1. Enroll and pay the full tuition fees and the accommodation fees - click on link for different methods of payments.
2. We will send you a Certificate of Enrollment by post with the necessary details required by the Italian Consulate. Federal express costs (€ 35,00) will be added to the fees.
3. Apply for a STUDY VISA at the Italian Consulate in your country giving them our Certificate of Enrollment.
4. If you are granted a VISA you will be able to come to Siena and attend our courses; please take note that we must inform the Foreigners Police Office in Siena (Questura) if one of our students doesn't attend our course without a specific reasons (i.e. health problems).
5. If you are not granted a VISA the Italian Consulate will return our Certificate of Enrollment to you. You will then need to mail back to us the original Certificate of Enrollment. Once we have received the Certificate, we will refund in full the tuition and accommodation fees. In order to assure a timely processing of visas, you (or your parents on your behalf) should begin the visa application as early as possible but no sooner than three months prior to the program's initiation. You should contact your nearest Italian consulate and follow the directions for obtaining a student visa. The visa will not be issued the same day; the process can take up to 60 days. Student visas will be issued only for the length of time you are enrolled in the program. No other type of visa will be accepted. Therefore you have to apply to the competent Italian Embassy/Consulate and ask for a study visa in your name.
The study visa will be issued only against demonstration that you:
1. Have a suitable accommodation in Italy.
2. May dispose of enough financial means to support yourself.
3. are entitled to medical care in Italy.
4. Possess the amount of money necessary to travel back to your country, or have already purchased a valid return-ticket.

Procedure for Residence Permits "Permesso di Soggiorno" (only for those staying more than 90 days):
Within 8 days from arrival, all students who hold a study visa for Italy must apply for a stay permit for study purposes.
The Residence Permit is issued by the police station (Questura - Ufficio immigrazione) in Siena after you complete and mail a "KIT POSTALE" which you will find at the post office. In the kit you must include:
original passport
photocopy of entire passport
photocopy of Certificalte of Enrollment issued by the Soc.Dante Alighieri - Siena Committee previously approved and stamped by the Italin Embasy/Consulate a document giving evidence of medical insurance in Italy
4 recent and identical passport-size photo s
receipt of payment for lodging
one revenue stamp (marca da bollo) for € 14,62
proof of enough financial means to support yourself while in Italy

* Cost of the request of a permesso di soggiorno : The marca da bollo for € 14.62 on the completed form. € 30.00 to be paid at the post office for insured mailing. A pre-completed bill for € 27.50 which covers the cost of an electronic permit (permesso elettronico).

Subsequently you will be contacted by the Questura where you will have your fingerprints and pictures taken. Afterwards you will be issued your Residence Permit which will expire on the date shown on your visa.


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