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Study Italian in Italy - Authentic Italian experience

In our Study Abroad Program students are encouraged to fully take advantage of their stay in Italy. Learn Italian not only in the classroom but through your everyday life in Siena. Our on-site lectures, academic excursions, visits to museums, field trips, hands-on cooking classes and internships will surely broaden your learning experience. Culture courses and seminars are taught in English so you can fully understand subjects we cover such as: Art history and Architecture, Italian History, Performing Arts, Literature, Anthropology, Economy, Health and Nutrition amongst others.

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Who we are ..

Societa' Dante Alighieri is a distinguished long-established organization considered today as one of the most vibrant and stimulating learning centers in Italy.
For over 20 years our organization has been the main establishment of the distinguished Dante Alighieri Society which is recognized as one of the leading institutes and promoters of Italian Language and Culture worldwide.

Located in a historical building within the medieval walls, right in the center of town, our organization puts at your disposal its 25 well-lit classrooms, panoramic terraces, leisure reading room, recreation room and piano, a well-stocked library, in-house Internet and WI-FI connection, a full professionally equipped kitchen and frescoed dining room, accommodation services and attractive recreational programs.

*The Società Dante Alighieri - and the Committee of Siena are recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for developing the Italian language and culture abroad.

For more information about Dante Alighieri Siena please visits the following web-site : Italian Language school


Dante Alighieri Siena's mission is to serve the hosting community and transform students lives by guiding them to succeed in becoming culturally-aware global citizens as well as exemplary ambassadors of the Italian culture. DA Siena is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and to enhancing students international education experience by conveying to a multi-cultural student body love and passion for the Italian language, the Italian culture and the city of Siena. DA Siena inspires critical thinking, self-independence, personal growth and a passion for learning.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, December 9, 2011


To be a leader among Study Abroad Centers in Italy and ideal partner of North American Universities and educational institutions for successful programs in Siena. To achieve international distinction for its innovative spirit, academic and student-support excellence, and creativity. DA Siena aims to be a preeminent institution of a multi-cultural student body by bringing together the best of all cultures and societies in a real cross-cultural learning environment.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, December 9, 2011


To disseminate Italian language and culture in the world and to be the leading organization of Study Abroad programs in Siena and Italy by providing highest level of education and setting standards of excellence recognized by the educational community on a global perspective.


The city of Siena

The city of Siena

The school

Dante Alighieri, Siena
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